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Can anything be taken in place of the Braggs ACV?

My Husband was told the first few days he would have a headache. He is on day 4 and his headache is worse than ever, plus he is dizzy with no energy.

He has followed the program to the tee. The problem is that he can get the Braggs ACV down with little problem, but then he feels sick to his stomach.

Is there anything that he can substitute the ACV with or add something other that Stevia to 'make it taste better'. As I stated, he has followed this to the tee but is ready to give up because of the syptoms.



If you need immediate assistance, please ask questions on our Facebook USA page ( or in the NutriMost Community Portal ( Here you will have the support of NutriMost Specialists 24/7.

If you are suffering from a headache, try the following all natural remedies.

* ACV Steam - Pour c apple cider vinegar into glass bowl. Add enough boiling water to fill bowl halfway.

Drape towel over your head and inhale steam by taking deep breaths for about 10 mins. When done, wipe face and drink a cold glass of water.

* Accupressure Point LI4 - in web of hand between thumb and pointer finger (

* HydroMolecular - Take 2 HydroMolecular instead of 1 (separate bottles) * HydroVitalize - Double dosage * Liquid consumption - Check with your doc (may be due to dehydration OR overhydration).


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