My Husband and iI paid to lose weight $4,000.00 to begin with. He needed to lose 100 plus and me 50 plus.

Ray said we could do this so easy and not be hungry. We changed deodorant, face moisturizer, the way we cooked and stayed on a 500 caloric diet.... Well we did it by the letter wrote everything down. Did our weigh ins.

My husband lost 8 pounds i lost nothing. Next weigh in my husband still kept the same wight. I lost half a pound. Well this stayed this way til i just starved myself and drink their water filling our jugs.

But i got to go on another round they paid for but i had to buy the supplements. So more money eveytime we visited. . I ended the session because it was a waist of time and money and we drove over a half hour to get there.

They got us for way over $5,500.00. I was so done with Ray.. You couldnt reach him anyway. His phone number was a joke.

His web site was too. Sorry i was the sucker and a costly experience .

Product or Service Mentioned: Nutrimost Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You will loose weight on this program. But you will likely gain it again.

For the price tag of $2000, it's not worth it. - Meg, Solon, OH


I have a consultation coming up,I will call them to cancel! Thank you.

I am glad I came across this reading. Sorry for your loss.


Dear Dianna,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, as well as any miscommunication you may have had with one of our offices.

Providing excellent support is our main goal and our wellness coaches are passionate about helping people transform their lives.

Given the opportunity, I would like to learn more details about your experience to offer an opportunity to make things right. Please contact us at 1-844-303-5951 or email us at clientsupport@nutrimost.com.


Your coaches are passionate about helping people? Really, there y'all go again.

Making claims that are false. You had young girls 19 to 23 that only needed a job. And never knew what to do without asking or placing a call to find out. While we waited, or they would call us at home and let us know...

Really? That was your coaches.

Ray was a joke also , he promised to be with us all the time . But only was there when it suited him.

When I tried to call or text, no answer. Ever...

You was given the opportunity to make things right. And it never came to be! You can give me back the money my husband and I paid.

All the extras we was told to get and needed to succeed.

We went and changed everything from the water we drank to the soad, hair products, moisturizer and deodorant. The grease in our food the salt. Everything

So you want to make it right. I asked Ray for our money back.

Twice... Now I'm asking you for our money back. Pay me Forty-five hundred and we can call it even. That is just the money we paid for your products...

plus more.

But I will settle on that.

You have my address, in fact you have all our information. So make it right!


We are replying as a corporate representative. Your individual information is not known on a corporate level.

It privateonly known at your office.

Please email our support team at clientsupport@nutrimost.com so we may get in touch with your office find a solution.


Your coaches are terrible nutrimos te ver again


I have replied to your email and still nothing has taken placed. You can return my money! And stop this dangerous health risky business!


Sorry it did not help you. It sure did me.

I lost 60 lbs. its cost but well worth it.

It's how bad you want it. Need to want it .


I had exactly the same experience only I didn't let it rest. I am a nurse midwife and I have extensive medical knowledge.

However, when you gain weight and decide to try to lose it, you will almost believe anything. I fail to see how this diet can be healthy. As I pointed out to the director of the whole program, the guarentee to lose 20lb is a joke. Of corse you will lose weight if you starve yourself for long enough.

Over the 7 weeks that I followed this plan to the letter I lost hardly anything. My hair started to fall out and I was tired all the time.

I fought for a full refund and I got it because Dr Ray has an interesting past and I was fully willing to share his values. It sickens me to see people praying on the vulnerable and this is all this program is doing.


I wish he would have given us our money back. Or known about Rays past.

I did ask for our money back, twice. $5500.00 would come in handy. We was promised so much and got so little. All there attention, well Ray made the claim..

and of course that didn't happen.

My husband and I have been disabled early in our lives and we wanted to do something healthy and make changes for the best.

We'll that didn't happen!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


I'm sorry about your lousy experience. Very frustrating and costly.

But it shouldn't be costly to lose weight.

It costs nothing to eat less,not frequent restaurants, buy prepared foods or soda pop.

You might even save money.

It costs nothing to exercise more ; just the time and effort.

And there are a lot of ways to do it depending on your health status.

I've had weight issues and those tips help me. Good luck

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