I'm sorry, but there is no way you couldn't have lost more weight if you stuck to it. I'm on the system now, I was 260lb and my goal weight is 200.

As of day 30 I am 231lbs and I did have a few cheat days in there. I agree it's expensive, however it was that expense that kept me from making the bad cheats as well as having a person to see once a week and weight in.

I feel if you are committed to losing the weight and need to for health reason than this will work. I have 15 days left and I hoping to make it to 210

Product or Service Mentioned: Nutrimost Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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On day 14. Down 10lbs.

I am a female. I have not been hungry at all! Is it hard, yes. Can it be done, yes.

Is it expensive, yes. So far so good.

I do feel better. Weight loss after 1st week slow, but it's still going down so I am ok with that.


Thanks for your encouragement will begin on Saturday day one, little nervous, but have 3 male family members who have had success also in this program so I have extra support, because I have struggled with high cholesterol and weight nothing else has been successful, so something different I have to do, I already eat pretty healthy so I believe diligence and patience will make this successful by God's grace and help .


I agree it works . Will power and the fat just goes away.


I lost over 20 pounds the first 40 days then i did it again and lost another 25, I cheated to, i did my steak days, and now im 50 years old, I weigh 132 pounds and i wear a size 4, thank you nutrimost...lol


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