February 9, 2016

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Dear Ken,

I am a huge advocate of health and fitness that is why I am a member of 20 Minutes to Fitness. After reading your front page article on NutriMost hosted by Dr. Stringer I was intrigued. I made an appointment, was briefed by a young woman on the program and told it was going to change my life. With a $3500 up-front fee, I surely hoped she was correct. I entered the program with optimism and hope.

My hand was placed on a device called a Zyto mechanism which sent impulses through my body to determine which nutrients were lacking in my system. I was then given several different liquids and supplements to take on a daily basis along with a 500 calorie day diet plan.

After one week on the extremely low calorie, high supplement diet, I became ill and abruptly stopped the diet. During my one week follow up appointment, I expressed my concerns to a staff member – none of which are medical doctors. At that point, he told me that my body had an auto immune disease and expressed it even more crucial that I resume the supplements and diet plan.

Three days later, after feeling more ill than before, I called to let the staff know that something was wrong and I did not want to continue with the diet. I wanted to speak to someone with regard to financial compensation due to the fact that the NutriMost diet plan is obviously not for every individual. No one from Dr. Stringer’s NutriMost organization called me back. They dodged phone calls and text messages for weeks.

Finally, my husband got involved after weeks of non-compliance on the part of NutriMost, he told them we wanted a refund. They refused any compensation whatsoever. NutriMost is a scam organization created by people who are not medical doctors. I encourage all your readers to research this diet franchise before paying $3500. It was a very expensive lesson for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nutrimost Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Bradenton, Florida

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Dear Anonymous,

I'm sorry for your experience. We would like to make it better.

Could you let us know who you are so we may rectify the problem?

We have set strict company policies and procedures to handle such procedures if they ever did arise.

Dr. Stringer


Dr. Stringer and NutriMost helped me lose 45 pounds and my A1C went from 7.6 to 5.0.

No BS.

AB in Sarasota


I read your post and it was like reading as if I had written my own story. Still experiencing health issues from this program. VERY expensive lesson and still costing more from "real Doctor" visits, labs, etc.


What kind of health issues did you have?? I am having health problems also


I also became extremely ill on this plan. Have been dealing with various medical issues since stopping the supplements.

My hair has been falling out in gobs....Do not get involved with this scam as I believe it is highly dangerous and not monitored by any medically related authority.

Look into the company's background and history.....Indian Reservation???? Sounds like someone is trying to be untouchable.....


Please read my reply on how I lost my hair on nutrimost! Horrible! After 2 years it still does not stay on my head.I wish I can post a picture of my head!


I've been looking at this diet for a LONG time! I am highly skeptical, yet desperate.

I can not drop to some extremely low calorie diet. I know I will get sick. I hear this company on every radio station, day and night. Someone that has a TON of money is backing this.

I had a nutritionist helping me recover from a heart attack look at it and she said it seems HIGHLY skeptical and also mentioned the non medical doctor peace. No labs or anything?

That seems like flying a bit blind? Not sure what to do.....


I'm surprised your review was posted unless they need to include negative feedback in addition to positive. Nothing can be 100% fabulous.

I was about to register for the consultation, until I got to the "required field" containing my credit card information. A consultation is usually conducted free of charge

I was so hopeful. But, once again, to good to be true.

Thanks for your alert. I won't be contributing to this scam and I'm sorry you were duped


Thank you for the review!!! If it sounds too good to be true - I guess it is... Too bad I had hopes :-(


Hello Anonymous,

I invested in the Nutrimost program last August and was extremely impressed with the support and follow through from the team. I lost 22 1/2 lbs in the 40 days and have stayed within 3-5 lbs of that goal ever since.

Two of my friends enrolled within 3 weeks of my starting and both lost over 30 lbs and have kept it off. I believe even more strongly in the program because we each had completely different supplements and different food plans suited to our personal needs.

If you are truly interested in your best overall health and are willing to work with the team, I highly recommend Nutrimost.


Carrie, I lost 21 lbs in 36 days on this program, it has done wonders for me, as I have tried every diet and failed. Looking forward to going at it a 2nd round.


A Skeptical Look at the

NutriMost Fat Loss System

Stephen Barrett, M.D.


ZYTO Scanning: Another Test to Avoid Stephen Barrett, M.D. http://www.devicewatch.org/reports/zyto/overview.shtml

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